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shall we deal with google adsense ?
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    white shadow
    white shadow

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    Post by white shadow on Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:28 pm

    What should you know as a donator ?

    first of all any other question will be Unanswered with pleasure.

    farther more, Here is the thing for now

    1- top donators will gain various gifts ( as points,vip member, money,etc)

    where??? in our group ( this free site wich will provide totally free Services , an auction
    wich Sell everything by one-tenth of the original price and other sites yet to be )


    we will open a poll and you will Decide ( ya power to the people)

    are we real ???

    I CAN NOT REALLY TELL YOU WHAT TO BELIEV !!! but as we will be giving gifts by random as for he top posters and donators also , so yes I guess !!

    why should I donate ??

    It Is up to you butt lots of organizations just fail because of giving and not taking so if you like us donate .
    and one off the gifts will be points in the auction for example:

    If you are buying your points in the auction we will give you 5 points for 2 dollars ( wich will you use for one time only)
    butt if you donated here you will be awarded directly with 15 free points (for 3 times in the auction )
    also, You can gain 50 points to be a ultimate vip member in our 3 sites!!

    2- other offers will be available SOON

    that Is It for now .


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